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    • The soft-rebels.com website is owned and operated by Soft Sales ApS (”Soft Sales ApS” or "Us”).
    • You can contact Us at +45 86 55 12 76 or by email support@soft-rebels.com if you have any questions.


    • Our terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to our supply of products to you when you order/purchase a product from our website.
    • We encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions carefully before ordering a product from Us.
    • We may change and update the Terms and Conditions from time to time with effect for your future purchases from our website. Therefore, you will be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions each time you shop with Us.
    • If you do not accept our Terms and Conditions, you cannot order products from our website.
    • An updated version of the Terms and Conditions is always available on our website.


    • All prices are stated in Danish Kroner (DKK) and include 25% VAT and other taxes/duties.
    • The total price of your order, including any shipping charges and taxes/fees if paying by credit card, will be calculated before you complete the order.
    • Delivery costs will vary – depending on which delivery option is selected/offered for the product in question. You will be informed of the delivery costs before you complete your order.
    • You will pay for your product(s) when you complete the order. If we are to send the product to you, we will not draw the money until we ship the product to you from our warehouse.

    • When you pay for an item with an international payment card directly or via MobilePay, the amount is reserved on your card immediately. The amount is only deducted from your card when the item is dispatched. After this, the reservation ends automatically. If you have any questions about the reservation, its duration or other related matters, you must contact your card issuer, who can help you. We also refer to your agreement with your card issuer regarding the use of your payment card.


    • You can pay with Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Visa-Elektron, Maestro, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, MobilePay.


    In generel
    • You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit card that we accept, to order goods from our website. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a legal basis for shopping with Us.
    • Our webshop atsoft-rebels.com is open 24 hours a day, but it may be closed for maintenance. Of course we aim (as far as possible) to maintain our webshop at night.
    • If you place an order during weekends or on public holidays, your order will not be processed until the next working day.
    • We will only accept your order if your payment details are correct and if we have no reason to believe that the order will be used for illegal activities or that you do not comply with the requirements of our Terms and Conditions.
    • We do not accept orders by phone call.

      When are you bound by your order?
    • Before clicking ”Pay now” you have the opportunity to customize your order and your information.
    • When you click ”Pay now” you will be bound by your order and you will receive an order confirmation from Us in an email.
    • Should you have made an error in your order, please contact Customer Service, who can help you. If you regret your order, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal (read more about your right of withdrawal in the "Right of withdrawal" clause below).

      When are we bound by your order?
    • We are only bound by your order once we have sent you an order confirmation. Until then, we have the option to decline your order due to printing errors, technical problems, delivery failures and similar circumstances. In rare cases where a purchased item is out of stock, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

    • Your order will be delivered to the delivery address you selected when placing your order.
    • We aim to deliver your order as soon as possible. The expected delivery time is in Denmark: 1 – 3 weekdays. Delivery time in EU:  2 – 5 weekdays. Delivery outside of EU:  3 – 7 weekdays. However, products on order or products that are out of stock may have a longer delivery time. You may also find that during particularly busy periods, we may have a longer expected delivery time for specific products.
    • You can choose between the following delivery methods:
      • GLS parchelshop
      • GLS private delivery

    • Please note that some of the delivery methods are not available for certain addresses and time intervals. Only the delivery methods that you can choose for your delivery address will be visible when you complete your order. We reserve the right to deliver to a different place than the one selected if the place of delivery you have selected is full. If so, we will deliver your order to a place of delivery selected by the carrier.
    • We only deliver to the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden.
    • If we do not have all the products you ordered in stock, we may send you the products we have in stock first. Once we have the products you need in stock, we will send them to you. We may therefore send your order in several stages.
    • We bear the risk of your product(s) until delivery.
    In generel
    • If you are a consumer, you can withdraw from your purchase within 14 days without providing any reason.
    • The deadline expires 14 days from the day when you or another person designated by you (not the carrier) receive the product (physical possession).
    • If you have ordered several products in the same order, but we have not been able to deliver these products to you at the same time (in the same order), the deadline for these products will expire 14 days after the day when you receive the last product (physical possession). If multiple products have been ordered in the same order, but the products are delivered individually, the deadline expires 14 days after the day when you or a third party designated by you (not the carrier) receive the last product (physical possession).
    • If you have ordered a product consisting of several lots or parts, the deadline expires 14 days after the day when you receive the last lot or part of the product (physical possession).
    • In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify Us of your intention to do so in an unambiguous statement (in a clear and unambiguous manner) – for example by email or in a letter. You can also use our standard withdrawal form.
    • You have complied with the deadline if you send us a notice that you want to exercise your right of withdrawal before expiry of the deadline for withdrawal.

      What happens when you exercise your right of withdrawal?
    • If you exercise your right of withdrawal, we will refund your payment without undue delay and in any case at the latest 14 days after the date when we have received your withdrawal request.
    • However, if you have selected a different delivery method than our standard delivery service, we will only return the part of the delivery costs that represents our standard delivery fee.
    • We will refund your payment using the same payment method as used for your purchase, unless you have explicitly accepted another form of refund (e.g. a credit voucher).
    • You will not be charged any fees in connection with the refund.
    • You must return the product to Us without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date when you have notified Us that you want to exercise your right of withdrawal. You have complied with the deadline if you return the product before the 14 days have expired.
    • You must pay your own costs associated with the return of the product (including shipping).
    • We may withhold your refund until we have received the product or you have provided proof of your return of the product – whichever is the earliest.
    • You can read more about how to return the product in the "Returns" section.

      Custom-made products – the right of withdrawaldoes not apply
    • The right of withdrawal does not apply for custom-made products or products with a clear personal touch (for instance products with engraving, embroidery and similar).

    • If your products is defective, or if we have delivered the wrong product to you, please contact our Customer Service as soon as possible. You can find our contact details at the bottom of our Terms and Conditions or in your order confirmation.
    • If your product is defective, or if you have received an incorrect product, you may either:

      • return the product and get your money back.
      • return the product and get a new equivalent product (redelivery).
      • keep the product and obtain a proportional reduction of the price paid.
      • Keep the product and have the defect remedied.

    • In order for Customer Service to help you if you have received a defective or incorrect product, please provide your order number, product number and a full description of what is wrong with the product.
    • In the event that you have received a defective or incorrect product that you need to return, we will bear the cost of returning the product to Us.
    • If your product is defective, the rules on defects set out in the Danish Sale of Goods Act apply.


    • If you need to return a product to Us (for example if you regret your purchase or the product is defective), you must return the product to the following address: Thrigesvej 27, 7430 Ikast, Denmark.
    • In case of return, all parts of the product must be sent back to Us.
    • When you return a product to Us, you are responsible for ensuring that the product is properly packaged. You bear the risk of the product until we receive the product in hand (physical possession). We therefore recommend that you keep the receipt of dispatch.
    • You are responsible for any deterioration in the value of the product caused by handling other than what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product.
    • If the value of the product has decreased, we will deduct the reduction in value from the purchase price you paid for the product, before refunding the amount to you.

    • A complaint regarding a defective product must be made directly to Us within a reasonable time after you discover such defect.
    • There is a deadline for complaints of 2 years, and as a consumer you must therefore submit a complaint within 2 years of delivery of the product. If you do not comply with this deadline, your right to complain will expire, unless we have provided an extended guarantee for the product.
    • You can read more about how to make a complaint in the "Right to complain" section.

    • We are not be liable to you if, after the placing of your order, circumstances arise which prevent or delay our delivery of the order. Such circumstances include external circumstances beyond human control, war, mobilisation, telecommunications/customer infrastructure breakdown, external security incidents (e.g. hacker attacks, computer virus attacks or destructive behaviour by a third party), natural disasters as well as natural conditions making it impossible to process your order/your purchase, strikes, lockouts, fire, blockades, vandalism, orders by public authorities and/or rights holders, outbreaks of epidemics or pandemics, global health emergencies, and other circumstances beyond our direct control.


    • We will treat your personal data confidentially. The company has drawn up a privacy policy that explains how we process personal data that you provide to us in connection with your purchase and when using our website. You can find our privacy policy here.


    Updates to our website
    • We do our best to update the website and to ensure that prices, offers, descriptions and other information about the products are correct. However, spelling mistakes, errors in prices, offers, descriptions and other information about the products can occur, and sometimes we discover that the price of a product is incorrectly stated.

    • We may choose to assign our agreement with you in whole or in part to (a) one of our group affiliates or (b) a third party as part of a divestment of one or more of its companies, business units, etc.


    • If there is a problem with your product, or if the product is defective, please contact Customer Service.
    • If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your problem with a product, you can submit a complaint to Center for Klageløsning (the Danish Dispute Resolution Institute), Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, DK-8800 Viborg. You can submit a complaint to Center for Klageløsning via the Complaints Portal. If you want to submit a complaint to Center for Klageløsning, you must first send your complaint to Us. It may be a good idea to send Us a written complaint so that you can document that you have complained if Center for Klageløsning asks for documentation. To make a compliant the goods or services that you wish to compliant about must have a value of minimum 1.110 DKK (app. 150 euro) and maximum 100.000 DKK (app 13.350 euro). Complaints about clothes or shoes must have a value of minimum 720 DKK (app 100 euro). Amount limit may be subject to change. You must pay a fee to the Complaints Portal to have your complaint processed.
    • You can also use the European Commission's online complaints portal to submit a complaint. This is especially relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. You can submit your complaint at the European Commission online complaints portal. When submitting a complaint, you must specify our email address support@soft-rebels.com.


    • Any order/purchase placed with Us is governed by and shall be interpreted pursuant to Danish law, except for (a) any rules leading to the application of other legislation than Danish and (b) the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
    • Any dispute or claim arising from or in relation to your order/purchase shall be settled by a court of competent jurisdiction having jurisdiction over Soft Sales ApSs værneting.


    • If you have any doubts, please contact our Customer Service by:

      Email: support@soft-rebels.com
      Phone number: 86551276 with the office hours Monday - Friday 09:00 -16.00.
      Adress: Mosevej 20A, 8240 Risskov, Denmark