About us

Rooted in the grace of femininity and the power of womanhood, Soft Rebels offers contemporary apparel, carefully designed and timely dropped in order to cater to the true everyday lives of women. We believe in embracing and empowering female diversity with quality that lasts beyond seasons.

Soft Rebels is a calling to our female community to embrace and empower womanhood. A calling based on reaching a higher level of knowledge of what it means to be a woman. We exist with one single purpose: to offer the feeling of inner confidence and tranquility through inspirational stories and contemporary womenswear. We want to be a voice for female empowerment. We believe, that today’s women do not have adequate options when it comes to considered apparel. With our designs, we wish to create a foundation of accessible essentials which inspire women to be themselves with ease and determination. And with the privilege of communicating with our community, we wish to become an inspirational source for the daily life of the modern female.

Simplicity. Life is complicated enough without making your wardrobe difficult. Easy, stylish and made from premium, sustainable materials, our clothes are a mix of modern essentials and durable classics.

Versatility. Our clothes are designed and made to last more than just one season - you’ll find you bring them out year after year and wear them in a different way and in different combinations. Mix and match things to reflect your own personality - it’s the essence of versatility.

Attitude. Soft Rebels are all about femininity with a rebellious edge and we believe our customers have the same attitude. The contradiction between the two is what makes us all both interesting and powerful.

Integrity. Fashion is fun but making it with respect for the planet, our workers and our customers are central to everything we do. We might not be perfect yet, but we are positive that together we will succeed.