The Organic Capsule Collection

Soft Rebel has been a part of the fashion industry, designing and producing apparel, for a decade. We have seen how things have changed within the industry and it is well known that the fashion industry now stands for the second most polluting industry worldwide. With this truth in mind combined with our great know-how, we have crafted an organic collection on the premises of nature.

We focus on organic cotton which counts for less than 1% of the total cotton production. We wish to contribute to a positive development, both benefiting nature as well as acommodates our conscious end-users.

”An organic capsule collection to be worn by women.”


Global Organic Textile Standard

Environmentally friendly

Grown with the use of rainwater

No water waste

Pure and chemical free

Eco-friendly dyed

No irritating sensitive skin

Social responsibility



“Because we care about people and nature.”

Cotton accounts for about half of the world’s fiber needs. However, it carries a considerable environmental cost. This due to the great amounts of chemicals needed when growing cotton, which heavily affect both human health as well as the world’s eco-system

Organic cotton stands for the purest and cleanest growth. The crops are grown on fields without any use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organically grown cotton are further fertilized with only the use of natural materials that are easy on the environment - reducing both air and water pollution.

Organic cotton is more expensive than conventional cotton because its production takes more time, skill and hands-on labor.

The Eco Footprint - GOTS Certification

Soft Rebels’ capsule organic collection is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified - the leading textile processing standard for organic fibres including ecological and social criteria throughtout the whole supply chain. Our GOTS certified supplier meets the highest stringent social compliance - meaning they create apparel which is ethically produced, sweatshop free and accomodate the highest fire safety standards. Additionally, workers’ minimum wages and working hours are standardised and health and education plans are provided to all workers.