ECOsistible care

Keep our sustainable laundry tips in mind so we, our clothes and our planet stay ECOsistible. 

Wear it again and again

We love our Soft Rebels styles and wear them again and again.

Do you remember someone telling you 'it's not okay' to wear clothes more than once?

By wearing your clothes more than once you save time, money, and stay ECOsistible which the planet will thank you for eventually.

Hang it out

Stay ECOsistible by hanging your clothes outside after washing it.

Did you know tumble drying is the most energy intensive and wasteful part of your clothing care cycle?

By drying your clothes outside it will smell fresh and clean, and you don't have to think about if it will shrink, wrinkle or get static from the dryer.

Don't iron

Stay ECOsistible by turning down your use of ironing.

Get non-wrinkled clothes by drying it outside. Spin the clothes less. The more water in it will weight it down and pull out most wrinkles.

Another wrinkle attack could be to place it under other clothes in your wardrobe. The press will equalize the wrinkles.

Fill up your wash

Stay ECOsistible by filling up your washing machine when washing.

This tip will save you time, water, and electricity. By placing your hand into your machine's drum, you can see how much space is left.

Just don't overload the machine, it will give you wrinkled clothes.