our story


We welcome you to the universe of Soft Rebels, where the soft girl is not so soft anymore 
- meet her at the rebellious side.

We cannot wait for you to meet this new stronger version of that good girl you once knew. She is still your best friend, but in some ways you will not recognize her. She has reinvented herself in a much stronger and powerful state.

Her inner rebel is set loose in which she has found a great freedom and so much more fun 
- will you join her movement?

Brand Journey

Soft Rebels was founded by a dedicated group of creative people, dreaming the same dream of building a clothing brand. A brand that embraces the renowned philosophy of yin and yang.
Contrary forces are outlined as complementary and give rise to each other as they correlate, creating a perfect whole.

The philosophy’s duality was translated into the name “Soft Rebels” - a merger of femininity and attitude, being the core and signature of the brand.
Our statement “what makes you a rebel?” is a tribute as well as a realization to all women daring to stand out from the crowd, showing every contradictory side of their personality and style.
We are globally connected, but underlined by our strong Scandinavian values.

Brand DNA

Simplicity, versatility, attitude, and integrity, four words summing the DNA of Soft Rebels, 
are brought to life in every design we make.
Simplicity refers to our Scandinavian heritage and minimalist approach to design, with clean silhouettes, graphic lines and an easy feel.

Versatility is our way to continuously draw attention to the world of contrasts and especially emphasizing the feminine softness versus the rebellious edge - evident when creating an individual look and style.

Attitude must be seen in relation to us always staying relevant to the market and being able to challenge both ourselves and our audience, maintaining a fresh approach to fashion and trends.

Integrity is our dedication and loyalty to our customers, always improving when handling ethical and environmental responsibilities. This is the very core of everything we do.

the girl

The Soft Rebel

The soft rebel is a modern woman who is fashion concerned. She picks up the trends of the season and effortlessly absorbs them into her own individual style.
She craves a relevant wardrobe that embodies comfort and confidence. She is price-aware and wants value for money.

With great creativity, the soft rebel knows how to dress boldly yet delicately, and easily reinforces these opposites in her style and styling.

However, most importantly, she dresses according to her mood - whether rebel or saint!