All of our essentials are marked as being part of our Ecosistable™ line, which is our community’s ensurance, that the collection has been created with care for the good people who made it and the planet the live on. Being in this industry, we feel immensely responsible for the footprint we leave behind us. Consequently, we produce as sustainable as possible with the aid of amazing organizations and certifications.

Despite working in an industry that has a poor reputation when it comes to environmental impact, we have strived to be a sustainable company and the desire to make beautiful products that don’t harm the planet runs through our veins.

We are GOTS certified and that way of thinking permeats every thing we do – from selecting sustainable materials and designing clothes that last for more than one season to our everyday life in the office where we recycle, use energy-saving lighting and even make sure the milk I our coffee is organic. Our passion for being sustainable matches our desire to make beautiful clothes and we are optimistic that together we can make a difference.

To help highlight this, we have registered the name ECOsistible to bring together two things that are so important to what we do - ECO-friendly and irresistible. We only work with our own or certified factories which allows us to be completely transparant about the whole value chain and offer full traceability for every ECOsistible product. This also gives us the opportunity to safeguard the wellbeing of workers and other people who help in our production. But it’s not only about that. We wish to inspire our customers to buy with a conscience and dress with both heart and mind. That is the essence of ECOsistible.

To create our ECOsistible clothing, we use many alluring, high quality materials that have textural appeal but also pass our criteria for sustainability.

Our price points remain unchanged - surely everyone should have the opportunity to make environmentally aware choices! At present, an average of 65% of our regular collection and 100% of our Essentials program is made from sustainable materials but as we continue to search for new methods and fabrics, this will only improve. We are getting better every day.

Sustainable and style is what defines us. We want to make it easy for our customers to find designs that tick both boxes, so we use the extra ECOsistible hangtag. Any garment that has this tag is guaranteed to be made from sustainable materials and produced with the least possible impact on the environment.