Packaging and transportation

Our clothes deserve the very best treatment. So does our climate. That is why we care just as much about the packaging and transportation of our garments as we do about every fiber of their production. Goods from our suppliers are wrapped in poly bags made from recycled plastic and packed in cardboard boxes that are FSC certified. We reuse what we can and recycle the rest.

Goods are shipped to our business customers in the polybags they arrived in, and we reuse as many of the cardboard boxes from the inbound logistics as possible for the outbound shipping. This amounts to around 50% of the incoming boxes. The remaining cardboard boxes we use are FSC mix certified. This means they consist of 80% reused material and 20% new cardboard fibers from sustainably managed forests.

The biggest part of our production is in our fully owned production facility in  China – and a minor part comes from India, Bangladesh and Turkey. Naturally, that means that we can’t avoid shipping across the world. We transport as carefully as we can by using the best options available to us, meaning that most of our clothes have spent a while at sea. Flying is our very last option and only something we consider for samples that we need quickly.


Our customers are offered the opportunity to use RE-ZIP packaging which they return after receiving their clothes. We dream of this option becoming the norm, so everyone who chooses the RE-ZIP packaging receives a voucher to use in our web shop at a later time – it’s a win-win situation! The packaging saves CO2, water, and wood fibers.

In cases where RE-ZIP is not selected we want to use the best possible environmental impact solution. Today we use recycled poly bags, which are already suitable for recycling. We are verifying if there are better alternatives with lower environmental impact. Unfortunately RE-ZIP is online available when shopping from Denmark at the moment.