Social responsibility

Since the very beginning, Soft Rebels has been committed to create fair working conditions for all our workers. Our factory follows the BSCI code of conduct, meaning you can trust that the production of your clothes live up to leading international principles:

Furthermore, we want nothing to do with people and companies who disregard and violate basic human rights. Since the UN confirmed that the Uyghur minority is being oppressed by Chinese authorities in the Xinjiang region, you can rest assured that none of our cotton comes from that or other similar problematic areas.

Diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion

To ensure diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion in our business, we inform all employees of our 3 core values: Honesty, Responsibility and Constant improvement. And we live by them every day in all business aspects.

Our business and everyday office culture are open-minded and trust based. Our employees manage their own time and deadlines and we’re flexible according to physical working stations and operate online when we’re working across our offices.

We have a flat and democratic organization structure, and every employee speaks their mind and contributes with ideas – no matter job position. Our working environment is important to us. We want a space where every employee feels like they belong, are valued, and engaged to create exceptional results. We want to attract, promote, and retain the best talents on all levels of our business when we’re recruiting new talents. We provide equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or religious background. We’re hiring on the basis of personality, skills, and experience.

When we design we do it with awareness of different body types to meet our customer’s needs. We’re proud to say that we create garments based on fitting all body types to secure inclusiveness and promote body positivity.

Female empowerment

We call our community womanhood, indicating that it’s a gathering of women with common values and lifestyles. The shared denominators of the Soft Rebels target group aren’t limited to race, sexual orientation, religious belief, financial status, or other personal matters. Instead, the common values of the Soft Rebel are based on seeking higher knowledge of what it means to be a woman.

Together with our community, we believe in a fair society where all genders are valued equally. Representing the female gender, we feel it’s our responsibility to promote equality as well as accommodate diversity. We want to be viewed as a beacon of the modern female and enlighten our followers with content fit for women today. And the Soft Rebels movement is one we share with our community: We are all on a journey of female empowerment, and this journey is manifested in our campaigns and collections throughout the year.