Repair & recycle

If you still love your clothes but have been unfortunate and they have broken in some way, there is still hope. Even though our clothes are made to last, accidents can happen. Your favorite styles are worth saving, so give them to someone who can help you fix them. Or get creative yourself, e.g. with visible mending. Be sure to tag us using #femmerebelle – we would love to see your unique style!

The best way to reduce our environmental impact is to shop less. If your t-shirt lasts longer, you will need fewer – and the most sustainable one is the one that you don’t buy. That is why we do our best to extend the lifetime of our clothes, and we want to support you in doing your part, too. Stay tuned on this site – we will launch an option to resell your Soft Rebels styles during 2023.

We will develop and launch the sale of pre-owned Soft Rebels garments in 2023.

2022 status:
This initiative has not been kicked off yet.