We have registered the name ECOsistible to bring together two things that are essential to what we do - taking care of our environment and making irresistible styles. We only work with our own certified factories or other certified factories which allows us to be transparent about the whole value chain and offer full traceability for every ECOsistible product. This gives us the opportunity to safeguard the wellbeing of workers and other people who help in our production.

But it’s not only about that. We wish to inspire our customers to buy with a conscience and dress with both heart and mind. That is the essence of ECOsistible.

To create our ECOsistible clothing, we use many alluring, high quality materials that have textural appeal and of course also pass our criteria for responsibility. An average of 80% of our regular collection and 100% of our Essentials program is made from responsible materials but as we continue to search for new methods and fabrics, this will only improve. We are getting better every day.

Responsibility and style is what defines us. We want to make it easy for our customers to make a responsible choise - look for our ECOsistible logo on the hangtag.