Being in the fashion industry, we feel immensely responsible for the footprint we leave behind us. Consequently, we produce as responsibly as possible with the aid of amazing organizations and certifications.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

GOTS is known as the gold standard for processing sustainable organic textiles. GOTS-certified cotton is grown without using any kind of pesticides or fertilizers and is better for the health of the farmers as they’re not exposed to toxic chemicals. Cotton produced according to GOTS supports biodiversity and ecosystems and reduces the use of energy and CO2 emissions.

Soft Rebels GOTS license nr.: 237883.
Read more about GOTS here.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

GRS can be found on products with more than 50% recycled content. Recycled content can be from natural fibers like wool and cotton or man-made fibers like polyester or nylon. In the production of GRS-certified materials, it’s required to reduce harmful impacts in the processes. GRS fibers are produced with strict requirements on social regulations and chemical and wastewater handling.

Read more about GRS here.

Certified production units

Certified production units means that all our production facilities are BSCI, SA8000® or similarly certified. This guarantees full compliance with leading social standards for everyone involved in the production.