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Care guide

Wash less, wash right, and take care of your clothes to make them last longer. We design and create garments meant to be loved, and for them to last a long time, it’s important to know how to take proper care of them. By taking better care of our clothes, we can increase their lifetime. 

Wear more, wash less

Washing your clothes after every use is often a habit more than a matter of hygiene; often, it’s unnecessary. Most garments will be ready to wear again after being aired and shaken, and many stains will disappear with immediate spot treatment. It’s not bad hygiene, it’s responsible action.

Skip the dryer

The dryer is the part of your washing routine that is the hardest on your clothes AND demands the most energy. So, we recommend always air drying your clothes. It will help your clothes stay in shape for a longer time and leave a smaller footprint on the environment.

Read and understand your care label

If you’re in doubt about how to treat your clothes properly, look for the care label attached to your clothes. It will give you the right information on how to take care of every single one of your garments.

Limit steaming and ironing

Steam and iron only when necessary. If you can’t avoid it, we recommend steaming over ironing, as it’s gentler on the fabric fibers. Steaming can also serve as a way to refresh your clothes when a full wash is not necessary.

Go for lower temperatures

With modern washing technology, it’s no longer necessary to wash your clothes at high temperatures for it to become clean. A lower temperature will get the job done just as well – and lower your costs as well. We recommend washing at 30 degrees unless your care label says otherwise.

Repair, don’t toss

If you’re unlucky and your clothes have been damaged in some way, they’re worth saving. If you still love your clothes, give them to someone who can help you fix them. Or get creative yourself and mend them. Be sure to tag us using #femmerebelle – we would love to see your unique style!

Fill your washing machine

It’s time to optimize your laundry project. Save time, water, and energy by only washing when you have a full machine’s worth of laundry.

Make it everlasting

Our clothes are made to be loved. If they no longer get the attention they deserve, please consider re-selling or donating to goodwill instead of leaving it in the back of your closet. Somebody somewhere will give the garment a new life and make it last longer.