International Women’s Day x Studio Aarhus

True to tradition, we have chosen to celebrate International Women's Day through stories of women who inspire us. This time, we have been so privileged to be able to visit Solveig, who is the woman behind the ceramics company Studio Aarhus. Solveig breaks with the traditional "ceramic rules" to create a more playful, and quirky universe.

How did you start making ceramics?

I started working with ceramics 5 years ago while I was on maternity leave with my daughter. I have a bachelor's degree in fashion design and am trained as a tailor, so it would have been natural to continue in this direction. But during my maternity leave I discovered that working with clay was exciting, and I began to explore it further.

What inspired you to become self-employed in this field?

In addition to my bachelor's degree in fashion design, I have a master's degree specializing in surface and textile narratives from Kolding Design School. It made sense to make ceramics because I can use my professional knowledge from my previous studies to create unique surface treatments on each product.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

I am particularly inspired by people and the society. I think it is interesting to see how events such as COVID-19 has changed the behaviour of many people. I have noticed that more people are going "back to basics" and have started to choose more natural materials and colours for their homes.

What have been the biggest challenges in running your own ceramic business?

The biggest challenge has undoubtedly been when my workshop burned down in 2022 and I had to rebuild my business from scratch again. I think most people would have given up in the situation, because it was a tough battle that cost me dearly - both financially and in terms of time.

Fortunately, challenges often lead to something good, and I believe that has been the case with this situation. Everything I approach now, I do so without fear. Because I’ve tried to lose everything with the fire, so what's the worst that can happen now?

Where do you see your business in the future?

I think I am facing an even more interesting business. I am a multi-company with regular collections, but I also want to twist the company by creating unique works. I am continuously working towards being more art based but taking it one step at a time and enjoying the process. It takes a few years to build it all up, and I enjoy the freedom to work creatively every day.

What is your best advice for women who dream of making it as self-employed? 

Try not to think too much about being perfect; instead, correct the mistakes along the way. I wish I had received that advice when I started up as self-employed. Additionally, remember to take one step at a time, as it can be overwhelming to bite off more than you can chew. Get started, it's all worth it!